Private Label

You may penetrate the market by using one of +100 formulas which are tested and approved in the best way for your brand and which will meet all of your requirements. By Private Label approach, Effeffe Turkey is aware that formulation, raw materials, food particles, food patterns, spectacular taste in flavours and continuous creativity are required for success and sustainability of brands in long-term. For this very reason, these characteristics are made an integral part of the process in any service provided.

Along with the benefits of overcoming many challenges in the market, thanks to its experience and achievements of more than 30 years, Effeffe Turkey has in-depth knowledge in any area from product and nutrition data to marketing, purchasing, and dynamics of consumption.

Therefore, Effeffe Turkey is more than just a supplier for you. It is a powerful ally, whom you may trust to improve your pet foods, and it supports your brand throughout its life cycle.

In order to fulfil the demands of customers, we give life to unique recipes that are dreamed of, and we support our customers by guiding them in the direction of dynamics required by the market in order to ensure that their brands are based on solid foundations.