Quality Control and R&D

Every day, our laboratory conducts detailed tests and analyses on every product in our facility from each raw material to the end product… 930 physical analyses per day, 240 chemical analyses per day, 20 microbiologic analyses per day.

Effeffe Turkey is a company that conducts of its production with respectful approach to animals, environment and nature and pays great attention to the utilization of new production technologies. In this sense, current production is done as per FEDIAF guidelines.

Effeffe Turkey only buys from suppliers that guarantee to fulfil rather tough protocols to ensure consistency in quality and with whom they share common ideas and values. We select our products based on their ingredients, high nutrition values, and the benefits they have for the health of our pets.

Application of food safety management system, tracking of critical points, controlling of the processes and analyses before marketing the end products are all done according to internationally accepted standards. Over 1000 physical, chemical and microbiological tests are applied to ensure food safety.

Through over 30-years’ worth of combined experience of Effeffe Italy and Anadolu Pet companies, we have a deep know-how in order to correctly inspect the formulas on the feeding needs of pets. This know-how and joint projects with various universities are then transformed into the production of the most delicious and high-quality pet food that fits animal health the most.

Effeffe Turkey guarantees the quality of its products and the sustainability of this quality via ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and GMP certificates.
Research and Development
  • Over 100 formulas and new products,
  • Researching new products through close cooperation with qualified suppliers,
  • Product confirmation through cooperation with universities,
  • Constant development of current product range,
  • Tracking and constant confirmation of feeding compatibleness of the formulas,
  • Modernization of production technologies,