The strong partner you can rely on

At Effeffe we have been producing pet food since 1986. Experience, dynamism, and flexibility enable us to independently manage the entire process: from the conception of the product in the laboratory to production, up to delivery. But that's not all: with 30 years of experience and success and having overcome many obstacles, Effeffe has developed in-deep knowledge of its field. In fact, we keep a very close eye on trends and innovations in the market, from the product and nutritional knowledge through to marketing and purchasing and consumption dynamics. Our multi-sector, multi-channel experience spread over more than 20 countries around the world enables us to keep constantly up to date and anticipate trends and critical success factors.

With the experience in production for 30 years, Effeffe Italy made a joint venture in Turkey with Anadolu Pet and purchased a pet food plant in Salihli, Manisa region of Turkey. Anadolu Pet being the distributor of many prestigious brands in Turkey, and Effeffe being the expert in production, companies made a strong partnership to serve both Turkish pet market and the neighbor countries with high-quality pet food. The production started in September 2016 and has been developing with new and innovative formulas since then.



Our crowning achievement: the Quality and Research Department
Because of the great responsibility we have towards animals and towards our Clients, we have established an exclusive and efficient internal Quality & Research Department, where a pool of experts works every day to design, test, and inspect every line of food created.
Application of a food safety management system according to internationally recognized standards.
Careful selection and entry control of materials and raw materials.
Process control by monitoring critical points.
Analysis of the final product before being placed on the market.


130 customizable formulas already extensively tested
Product innovation
Research on new ingredients, in close collaboration with our qualified suppliers
Product validation, through collaboration with recognized university institutes
Testing new materials for innovative packaging
Constant improvement of the existing product range
Implementation of new analysis and verification technologies
Support for improving production techniques


The study of the formulae requires a deep knowledge of the nutritional needs of animals and a great commitment to follow the advances in scientific research. This data is then compared with that emerging from trends, the most popular flavors, qualities that may reassure owners. But what comes above all is animal welfare.
Carefully selected ingredients
Quality and complete recipes
Sources of alternative animal and vegetable proteins
Alternative and ancestral cereals
Vitamin and amino acid complex supplements
No preservatives and no artificial colours
None of the ingredients contain any genetically modified substances


We put great effort into following the advances in animal nutrition research and use them for our food, always paying attention to the evolution of the needs of dog and cat owners, trying to anticipate them. This allows us to stand out as a constantly evolving partner, able to offer new and increasingly performing nutritional solutions with reduced time to market and in tune with consumers’ needs.


Production is not the only form of partnership we can offer at Effeffe. Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the market and its levers, Effeffe is a valuable consultant for:


To provide you with an extensive and comprehensive range to complete the portfolio of extruded products manufactured in our Salihli, Manisa factory.


To understand market trends and anticipate demand. To identify changing habits and be proactive. To improve formulas by using innovative ingredients.


To keep up to date on packaging innovations, from materials to more ergonomic shapes. From product preservation to shelf merchandising.